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Judgment Recovery / Enforcement &  Asset Investigations

Stewart Investigations, Inc. has over 20 years of experience conducting asset investigations. Our asset investigators search for bank accounts, real estate, brokerage accounts, business partnerships, safety deposit boxes, automobiles, watercraft, aircraft, employment, and much more.

Stewart Investigations has the capability to provide the most complete asset search available utilizing our extensive knowledge and expertise to uncover assets of all kinds.

Stewart Investigations has a team of investigators and attorneys that assist in all aspects of asset investigations from the initial asset search to the final recovery on a judgment. Asset searches can be utilized for a variety of reasons including defaulted debt and fraud situations to divorce and child support obligations. WS investigations performs asset investigation for permissible purpose and the findings of the Asset Investigation are used to support civil or criminal proceedings which may ultimately result in a court ordered demand for information or restraining and attachment notices.

Our asset searches look for financial and business assets, including bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, stocks and brokerage accounts, accounts receivable, royalties, intellectual property including patents and trademarks and real and personal property. We also examine assets of spouses and family members for possible transfers, and corporations associated with the subject. We identify individuals or entities that can provide leads and directions through a scrutiny of the individual's life style, litigation history and relationships in order to discover assets.

Stewart Investigations utilizes aggressive judgment enforcement procedures to recover assets once a judgment has been secured. Since the judicial system only orders payment and collection is the responsibility of the plaintiff our team of experienced investigators can expedite the process of recovery.

We know how to prepare and effectively use all tools necessary for the enforcement of judgments including: Abstracts, Affidavits, Assignments, Attachments, Declarations, Garnishments, Keepers, Levies, Liens, Motions, Renewals, Subpoenas, Summons, Till Taps, Warrants, Withholding Orders and Writs.

Full Service California Private Investigators.

STEWART INVESTIGATIONS, Inc. and a team of experienced investigators are here to help you in discovering the truth with ease. For fast, professional, and confidential investigative services at affordable rates, come to STEWART INVESTIGATIONS, Inc. in Orange County, California.

If you don't see the service you're looking for, contact our office in Orange County, California. We can often provide you with an alternative service that will get you the results you need, or in some cases, we may refer you to one of our nationwide associates who provide the service you need.

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