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Infidelity / Cheating Spouse Investigators

You’ve seen the signs: a sudden shift in the amount of time they spend at work, increased Internet usage, a need for personal space, hours and phone calls that can’t be accounted for, increased irritability at home, and so many other indicators which give you cause to wonder, “Is he/she seeing someone else?”

Let our surveillance investigators find the answers you need, so that you can make a sound decision whether to work to mend your relationship or move on. If your significant other is spending their time in the company of another, you have a right to know. Even if you live in a "No Fault" state where marital misconduct is not a consideration in divorce, spousal support or child support proceedings, many people need the solid, visual confirmation of their spouse or partner's activities to make the tough choices about what to do next.

We understand the pain, anger, and frustration that can often accompany the discovery of infidelity and it is our goal to help you through this difficult time with sensitivity and compassion.

If your spouse or partner exhibits any of the traits in the following list, call us for a free, confidential consultation.

Signs of a cheating spouse or partner

•    Increased need for personal space or private time
•    Sudden changes in clothing, hairstyle, jewelry, cologne/perfume, etc.
•    Increased internet use, deleted browser history, social networking sites
•    More time spent on cell phone, text messages, etc.
•    Unexplained changes in spouse’s/partner’s schedule
•    More time spent away from home
•    Personality or behavior changes
•    Changes in spouse’s sexual habits or appetites
•    Restlessness or boredom with relationship, home life
•    Unusual charges on credit card statements, unexplained receipts
•    Emotional distance
•    Defensiveness
•    Increase in vehicle mileage
•    Spouse/partner finds fault with everything you do
•    Spouse/partner develops new interests, tastes, preferences
•    Clothing smells of tobacco, alcohol, perfume
•    Spouse/partner increasingly uses cash
•    A strong feeling that something just isn’t right

Full Service California Private Investigators.
STEWART INVESTIGATIONS, Inc. and a team of experienced investigators are here to help you in discovering the truth with ease. For fast, professional, and confidential investigative services at affordable rates, come to STEWART INVESTIGATIONS, Inc. in Orange County, California.

If you don't see the service you're looking for, contact our office in Orange County, California. We can often provide you with an alternative service that will get you the results you need, or in some cases, we may refer you to one of our nationwide associates who provide the service you need.

Contact our office today for a FREE consultation!

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